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Our FAQ.


No. We do not charge sign-up fees. This partnership is a mutually beneficial revenue-building agreement. Any invoices you receive after signing up will be for services you have ordered and we have rendered. All such invoices should be rebilled to your clients once you have added your mark-up. Click “Book A Call Now” to learn more.  

First: Inform your clients that you offer these additional services as part of a new strategic partnership agreement with Karasch, a leader in the industry. Second: Educate your staff about the benefits of this partnership to your agency and to your clients.  Third: Create links on your website and share information on your blog, ads and social media channels about the new services you offer and about the partnership. 

No problem! Use us as your resource. We can provide you with marketing collateral, educational materials, and can conduct live demos upon request. Furthermore, your agency’s dedicated Client Relationship Manager will help you answer questions as they arise. Click “Book A Call Now” to learn more.  

We welcome the opportunity to deepen our partnership with your agency. Book a call now to discuss what other services we specialize in that could benefit you and your clients. Click “Book A Call Now” to learn more.  

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You strive to generate new sources of revenue for your agency. You need to stay competitive to retain your clients. Reap the financial benefits of offering new services, while letting us do the heavy lifting. Improve client retention rates by providing new solutions, while leaning on trusted experts to execute them flawlessly.

You have found a trusted partner that gives you two services your clients need, and that helps you profit from them immediately. Lean on us for robust in-house tech support and enjoy the friendly service you’d expect from a family-owned-and-operated company.

Do you know why we have been trusted in this industry for over 40 years?

Because the Karasch Team genuinely wants to improve your agency’s performance by providing excellent service and seamless support.

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Note From Our CEO.